roof ops and ventilation

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  1. where should a ground ladder be placed for safe roof entry and egress?
    -corners, hips, and vallys
  2. what are the minimal tools to be taken to the roof for ventaltion?
    • -irons
    • -trash hook\pike pole
    • -radio
    • -saws w/proper blade
    • -TIC
    • -pressurized water extinguisher
  3. how big of a ventalation hole do you want to make when performing verticle ventilation?
    -4'x4' or 10% of the total roof surface
  4. what are the bench marks for the ventilation team?
    • -ventilation team on roof
    • -ventilation complete
    • -ventilation team off roof and par
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roof ops and ventilation
roof ops and ventilation
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