Cell Scientists

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  1. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
    1600's- Developed simple microscope
  2. Robert Hooke
    1665- Oserved dead cork cells. Named them cells because of their honey-comb-like shape.
  3. Robert Brown
    1830's- Determined that cells contain a central part called a nucleus
  4. Matthias Schlieden
    1830's- Plant biologist/botanist
  5. Theodor Schwann
    1830's- Animal biologist, described what would become cell theory.
  6. Rudolph Virchow
    1858- Physician and biologist, proposed that cells produce cells over time.
  7. Louis Pasteur
    1864- Worked with Yeast cells. Demonstrated that microorganisms cannot arise from completely non-living matter.
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Cell Scientists
Scientists who made significant contributions to cellular science.
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