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  1. What kind of planet is Earth?
    Ordinary Rocky planet
  2. How many known planets do we have?
  3. How many stars are in our solar system what is their name(s)?
    1, the sun
  4. What is the name of our Galaxy?
    Milkey way galaxy
  5. What is the sun composed of?
    its a hot ball of gas, composed of hydrogen and helium.
  6. Definition of the Universe?
    The totality of all space, time, matter, and energy.
  7. Definition of Astronomy?
    The study of the universe
  8. Definition of a light-year?
    • distance traveled by light in a year.
    • speed of about 300,000 kilometers per second
  9. Definition of hypothesis?
    one possible explanation of the observed facts.
  10. Who argued that the Earth was round?
    A.Galileo Galilei
    B. Johannes Kepler
    C. Isaac Newton
    D. Aristotle
    D. Aristotle
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  11. Definition of Constellations?
    a human grouping of the stars in the night sky into a recognizable pattern.
  12. Orion was a mythical ______ hero famed for his amorous pursuit of the _______.
    Greek, Pleiades
  13. What is Pleiades?
    • The seven daughters of the giant Atlas.
    • (God put Pleiades in the night sky to protect them from Orion, who stalks them nightly)
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