Class: Amphibia

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  1. What are the subclasses in Class; Amphibia?
    • 1. Labryinthodonts
    • 2. Anthracosauria
    • 3. Temnospondyli
    • 4. Ichthyosteglia
    • 5. Lissamphibia
  2. What are the charactersistics of Class: Amphibia?
    • 1. Earliest adaptations for life were probably adaptations to get across land to more water.
    • 2. Begin a shift from gills to lungs, swimming to walking.
    • 3. Lungs and skin used for respiration.
    • 4. Heart with two atria and one ventricle.
    • 5. Some develop to live on land but most return to reproduce.(eggs laid in water or moist habitat)
  3. What are the characteristics of Subclass : Labyrinthodonts?
    Had teeth with infolded enamel; were the first land vertebrates.
  4. What class gave rise to the rest of vertebrates?
    Subclass Anthracosauria
  5. What are the characteristics of subclass Temnopondyli?
    They are a diverse semi-aquatic group.
  6. What subclass was comprised of the earliest amphibians (Teatrapods)?
    Subclass: Ichthyosteglia
  7. Which subclass is comprised of modern amphibians?
    Subclass Lissamphibia
  8. What are the three orders in Subclass Lissamphibia?
    • 1. Order Anura
    • 2. Order Urodela
    • 3. Order Apoda
  9. What animals are in order Anura?
    What characteristics do they have?
    Frogs and toads.

    • - Lose tails as adults
    • - Have vocal chords
    • - Caudal vertebrae fused to form the urostyle
  10. What animals are in order Urodela?
    What are there characteristics?

    • -Keep tail throughout life
    • -No vocal chords
  11. What animals ate in order Apoda?
    Caecilians (Wormlike)
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