Anatomy Exam 1

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  1. Describe the location of the Greater Splanchnics. Where do they synapse?
    • Tn5-Tn9
    • Enters abdomen through Aortic opening
    • Synapse in celiac ganglion
  2. Describe the location of the Lesser Splanchnics. Where do they Synapse?
    • Tn10 - Tn11
    • Surrounded by the Diaphragm
    • Synapse in the Superior Mesenteric Ganglion
  3. Describe the location of the Lowest Splanchnic. Where does it synapse?
    • Tn12
    • Surrounded by the diaphragm
    • Synapse in the Aorticorenal Ganglion
  4. Name the Branches of the Internal Thoracic Artery.
    • Anterior intercostal arteries (11)
    • Periocardiophrenic artery
    • Musculophrenic artery
    • Superior epigastric artery
  5. Name the Structures located at the sternal angle.
    • Costal Cartilage of rib 2
    • Lower border of thoracic vertebra 4
    • Bifurication of trachea
    • Ligamentum arteriosum
    • Left recurrent Laryngeal nerve
    • Superficial and deep cartiac plexuses
    • Begining and End of the Aorti Arch
  6. Name the Blood Vessels in the Descending Thoracic Aorta.
    • Posterior intercostals (2-11)
    • Subcostal (12)
    • Bronchial artery
    • Pericardial artery
    • Mediastinal artery
    • Esophageal Artery
    • Superior Phrenic Artery
  7. Name the Blood Vessels in the Ascending Aorta.
    Coronary Arteries
  8. Discuss the Thymus Gland. Location, Blood Supply, etc.
    • Located in Superior and Anterior Mediastinum
    • Lies anterior to the brachiocephalic veins
    • Blood Supply from Thyroid Artery
    • It begins to involute at puberty
  9. Name the structures located in the Posterior Mediastinum
    • Thoracic aorta
    • Esophagus
    • Azygos System
    • Thoracic Duct
    • Vagus Nerve
    • Splanchnic nerves
  10. Name the Structures in the Right Atrium.
    • Fossa Ovalis
    • Limbus of Fossa Ovalis
    • Opening of Tricuspid Valve
    • Opening of Coronary Sinus
    • Opening of Superior and Inferior Vena Cava
    • Openings of Anterior Cardiac Veins
  11. Name the Structures in the Right Ventricle
    • Tricuspid Valve
    • Pulmonary Trunk
    • Papillary Muscles
    • Chordae Tendineae
  12. What is the Chordae Tendineae?
    What are their functions?
    • Attach the cusps to the papillary muscles and their functions are
    • Prevent eversion of valves during ventricular contraction
    • Prevent back flow of blood into Atrium
  13. Right coronary artery from ascending Aorta
    • Sinoatrial artery
    • Right Anterior/Posterior atrioventricular branch
    • conal artery to the conus arteriosus
    • Right Posterior descending interventricular branch
  14. The Pulminary and aortic valves contain
    • Nodules
    • Lunule
    • Fibrous Ring
    • (No papillary muscles or chordae tendinae)
  15. Left Coronary Artery from ascending Aorta
    • Left Circumflex artery
    • Left anterior descending interventricular artery
    • Left posterior interventricular ascending artery
    • Branch to left atrium
  16. Anastosomes of the coronary arteries
    • Nodal
    • About the Conus Arteriosus
    • Circumflex
    • Anterior/Posterior Interventricular Septum

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