CMI quiz 1

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  1. Define Amoral
    Having no moral sense, or being indefferent to right and wrong
  2. Define Nonmoral
    Out of the realm of morality altogether ie; inanimate objects such as cars or guns
  3. Define Immoral
    Not conforming to accepted standards of morality
  4. Morality and Law
    Morality is not nessasarily based on the law but provides the basic reasons for any signifacant law. Law is the public expression and sanction for social morality
  5. Morality and Religion
    Morality need/should not be based soley on religion because it is difficult to prove conclusivly the existance of a supernatural being. Also relgious people can be immoral, non-religious people can be moral. If religion was the foundation for ethics which religion? it is difficult to resolve conflict in religious moraliy without going outside of it.
  6. Define Consequentialism
    The doctrine that the morality of an action is to judged soley by its consequences
  7. Define Ethical Egoism
    • Exisits in 3 forms
    • The Individual: Everyone ought to act in my self-interest
    • The Personal: I should act in my own self-interest
    • The universal: Everyone should act in thier own self-interest.
  8. Psychological Egoism
    • Two Forms
    • Strong Form: people always act in thier own self-interest
    • Weak Form: People often; but not always act in their own self-interest
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