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  1. What are the 5w's and "h" questions?
    • who
    • when
    • what
    • where
    • why
    • how
  2. What are the 3 ways to form questions and titles and headings.
    • use the 5w's
    • ask more than one question
    • Think about the relationship between the headings
  3. What the reading is about is called the?
  4. What dose "mapps mean?
    • Mark
    • About
    • Point
    • Proof
  5. When the topic ansd main idea are statted in the same sentence in a paragraph, what is it called?
    Topic sentence
  6. How do you identify the authors point ?
    • By idnetifying the
    • topic
    • Main idea
    • Topic sentence
  7. What is the implied main idea?
    • is not stated directly
    • it is suggested
  8. What are the questions you use to identify a implied main idea?
    • What the reading is about
    • What details lead to authors point
    • What do the details have in common
  9. Whats the diff beween minor and major details?
    • major-directly support the topic sentence
    • minor-provide extra details about majoring supporting details.
  10. T=MI+TS=?
    The topic sentence is the sentence that has the main idea and topic .
  11. What is the main idea?
    Is the point the author is trying to get across.
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