Chapter 3 Cells

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  1. What do all cells in your body have?
    • Plasma Membrane
    • Nucleus
    • Cytoplasm
  2. What is the structure of the plasma membrane?
    contains two phospholipid bi-layers with integral and peripheral proteins
  3. What is the function of the plasma membrane?
    to provide a boundary around the cell; where chemical reactions occur
  4. Which part of the cell is selectively permeable?
    Plasma membrane
  5. What does selectively permeable mean?
    only allows certain things to go through the membrane
  6. What is the structure of the nucleus?
    surrounds the DNA through the protection of a nuclear envelope
  7. What is the fuction of the nucleus?
    Houses the DNA, is the genetic control center of the cells.
  8. What is the structure of cytoplasm?
    liquid/gel part of the cell (jelly-like substance)
  9. What is the fuction of the cytoplasm?
    Holds the organelles in place inside the cell
  10. Organelles
    small organs found within the cell
  11. Structure of Ribosomes
    • free in the cytoplasm
    • attached to the rough endoplasmic reticulum
  12. makes proteins
  13. Structure of the Endoplasmic Reticulum
    a network of membranes connected to the nucleus

    receive their directions directly from the nucleus
  14. Fuction of the Rough ER
    synthesizes proteins (enzymes, hormones, muscles) studded with ribosomes
  15. synthesizes lipids (phospholipids, waxes) it lacks ribsomes on its surface.
    Smooth Endopasmic Reticulum
  16. Structure of peroxisome
    sac-like organelle found in cytoplasm
  17. contains enzymes that detoxify toxins like alcohol, formaidetlyde, and free radicals and changes them to hydrogen peroxide
  18. Ships items from the ER
    golgi apparatus
  19. appears to be a stack of flatten pancakes.
    Golgi Apparatus
  20. modify, package, and secreate substances from the cell.

    Makes lysomes
    Golgi Apparatus
  21. larger than ribosomes an are found free in the cytoplasm

    produced by the Golgi Apparatus
  22. acts as the 'janitor'
  23. Lysosomes
    break down cell parts (recycle worn out organelles)

    kill the cell (if lysosome is reptured)
  24. powerhouse of the cell, the site of cellular respiration such as glusose and oxygen, converted into ATP (energy)
  25. Centrioles
    tubes of proteins called microtubules
  26. used in mitosis and meiosis in order to pull the chromosomes aparts
  27. Cytoskeleton
    network of proteins called microtubules and microfilaments form rught under the plasma membrane
  28. Forms a flexiable internal framework for the cell
  29. short hair like extension of the plasma membrane
  30. moves in unison to clean the respiratory tract of debris or to move an egg from teh fallopian tube to the uterus
  31. Flagella is found in what part of the human body?
  32. long tail-like whip found in the plasma membrane
  33. moves the cell
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