Elements of an Experiment

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  1. Hypothesis
    A statement of the scientist's educated guess at the answer to the question.

    A hypothesis is usable only if the question can be answered "no." But cannot prove a hypothesis true.
  2. Variables
    Things that may be expected to change during the course of the experiment.
  3. Dependent Variable
    What the investigator measures (or counts or records.)

    It is what the investigator thinks will vary during the experiment.
  4. Independent Variable
    What the investigator deliberately varies during the experiment.
  5. Standardized Variable
    Factors that are kept equal in all treatments, so that any changes in the dependent variable can be attributed to the changes the investigator made in the independent variable.
  6. Control Treatment
    A treatment in which the independent variable is either eliminated or is set at a standard value.
  7. Replication
    The scientist repeats the experiment numerous times using exactly the same conditions to see if the results are consistent.
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