En la farmacia

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En la farmacia
2011-09-18 16:14:55

Spanish at the pharmacy
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  1. desmayarse
    to faint
  2. estornudar
    to sneeze
  3. estar deprimido/deprimida
    to be depressed
  4. fracturarse/romperse
    to break
  5. marearse
    to feel/get dizzy
  6. vomitar
    to vomit
  7. tener catarro
    to have a cold
  8. tener comezon (f)
    to have an itch
  9. tener diarrea
    to have diarrhea
  10. tener dolor (m.) de garganta
    to have a sore throat
  11. tener dolores musculares
    to have muscle aches
  12. tener el pulso acelerado
    to have a rapid pulse rate
  13. tener erupcion (f)
    to have a rash
  14. tener fiebre
    to have a fever
  15. tener mareos
    to have dizziness
  16. tener picazon
    to have a stinging sensation
  17. tener tos (f)
    to have a cough
  18. Me duele la cabeza/la espalda, etc.
    I have a headache/backache, etc.
  19. Me duele todo el cuerpo.
    My whole body aches.
  20. Me tiemblan las manos.
    My hands are shaking.
  21. necesitar pastillas (contra la fiebra/los mareos, etc.)
    to need pills (for fever/dizziness, etc.)
  22. necesitar una receta/unas aspirinas/un antibiotico/gotas/jarabe para la tos
    to need a prescription/aspirins/antibiotics/drops/cough syrup
  23. padecer (padezco) de asma
    to suffer from asthma

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