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  1. What effect do enteric coated drugs have on absorption?
    They by pass the stomach but much less is absorbed.
  2. What does crushing the tablet do to the drugs rate of absorption?
    enhnaces the drugs rate of absorption
  3. Why is it harder to get medication to the bone, skin and adipose tissue?
    Because of the less blood supply
  4. Can drug-protein complexes cross cappillary membranes?
  5. Why is it important to monitor pt's closely who are recieving mutiple drugs that are prtien bound?
    Because drugs will compete with one another causing some drugs to be displaced. This will cause high toxicity of some drugs. Ex) coumadin and ASA. ASA displace coumadine causing increased risk for bleeding.
  6. Is the BBB fully developed in neonates?
  7. enaliprat, benazepril and losartan are what type of medicaitons?
    Blood pressure medications
  8. Why is taking an inhibitor while taking a substrate of that same isozyme dangerous?
    It will cause an increase in substrate level to dangerous highs.
  9. Antagonist work with no intrisic activity, what does this mean?
    they simply work by lack of agonist action
  10. For muscle toxicity, what levels are you going to pay attention to and what do they indicate?
    CPK (CK) levels. This is a lab value that if it rises, indicates muscle breakdown.
  11. What are some signs of lover impairment?
    RUQ pain, n/v, anorexia.
  12. Regarding mechanism of drug interaction, what is it called when the interaction decreases therapeutic action?
  13. Regarding mechanism of drug interaction, what is it called when the interaction provides greater therapeutic action?
  14. What are prodrugs?
    drugs that have to be metabolized to be in their acive form.
  15. Combined drugs for a summation response
    Additive effect
  16. Combined drugs for a enhanced response. greater than that of a normal summation response
    Synergistic effect
  17. Combined drugs that produces a diminished respone, or the cancleziation of each other.
    antagonistic response.
  18. What does vitamin k do to warfarin?
    It decreases its effects.
  19. Why affect can grapefuti juice have on drugs?
    It inhibits presystemic medicaiton metabolism in the small bowel which increases absroption of some medicaitons which increase their effect/ adverse reactions.
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