AP Gov. People

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  1. Norm Dicks
    Washington house democrat; ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee
  2. Sander Levin
    Michigan house democrat; ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee
  3. Louise Slaughter
    New York house democrat; ranking member of the House Rules Committee
  4. William Daley
    Former mayor of Chicago; White House Chief of Staff
  5. Jacob Lew
    Director of OMB; negotiates with federal agencies over budget issues
  6. Jay Carney
    Former TIME magazine reporter; White House press secretary
  7. Steven Chu
    Former astrophysicist; Secretary of energy
  8. Tim Geithner
    Former New York federal reserve bank president; Secretary of treasury
  9. Leon Panetta
    Former CIA director; Secretary of defense
  10. Kathleen Sebelius
    Former governer of Kansas; Secretary of health and human services
  11. Lisa Jackson
    EPA administrator, pushing for strict carbon dioxide emission rules.

    (This is an example of discretionary authority)
  12. Ken Salazar
    Former Colorado senator; Secretary of interior

    (Property in the U.S.)
  13. Valerie Jarret
    Chicago civic leader; Senior advisor to the president
  14. Janet Napolitano
    Former Arizona governer; Secretary of homeland security
  15. Donald Berwick
    Administrator of the center for medicare and medicaid services; July 2010 recess appointment
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