nursing and health care

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  1. critical pathways
    are multidisciplinary treatment plans that outline the treatments or interventions clients need to have while they are in a health care setting for a specific disease or condition.
  2. role of advocate
    • is the most important role of the nurse because in this role the nurse protects and supports patients' rights.
    • Advocacy combines the roles of teacher, counselor, and leader so that the best interests of the patients are protected, particularly when patients are most vulnerable.
  3. facilitate
    the caregiver role is associated with facilitating the achievement of goals indentified in the patient's plan of care.
  4. primary prevention
    • health promoting behaviors or activities that reduce the occurence of an illness.
    • ex- hand-washing, breastfeeding, immunizations, and counseling.
  5. secondary prevention
    • early diagnosis and treatment of illness.
    • ex. screenings - diabetes, glaucoma, breast cancer, and cancer of the cervix.
  6. tertiary prevention
    • more disease management.
    • care that prevents further progression of disease.
    • ex. rehabilitation, pain management programs, and support groups.
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