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  1. Lead Groupings
    Inferior Leads
    • II
    • III
    • aVF
  2. Lead Groupings
    Septal Leads
    • V1
    • V2
  3. Lead Groupings
    Anterior Leads
    • V3
    • V4
  4. Lead Groupings
    Lateral Leads
    • I, aVL (Top)
    • V5, V6 (Middle)
  5. What is the steps to the systematic approach to reading a 12-Lead?
    • Baseline ECG (Normally Lead II)
    • Axis Determination
    • Hemiblocks
    • Bundle Branch Blocks
    • V-Tach determination
    • Assess for Infarct (I See All Leads)
    • Final Diagnosis
  6. Normal Axis Determination in I, II, III
    Image Upload 1
  7. Left Physiological Axis Determination
    Image Upload 2
  8. Left Pathological Axis Determination
    Image Upload 3
  9. Right Axis Determination
    Image Upload 4
  10. Extreme Right Axis Determination
    Image Upload 5
  11. What is the "Turn Signal Rule"?
    • J Point, points up - Right BBB
    • J Point, Points down - Left BBB
  12. 3- MI Pitfalls in 12-Lead Interpretation
    • LBBB
    • Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
    • Pericarditis
  13. How do you determine Left Ventricular Hypertorphy (LVH)
    • The R wave in lead aVL is taller than 12mm or
    • Rule of 35
    • Rule of 53
  14. What is the Rule of 35/53?
    • Look at the tallest R wave in V4, V5, or V6
    • Add the total mm of R wave to Deepest S wave in V1, V2, or V3
    • If the total is >35 and the Pt is >35 it is LVH
    • If <35 yo, use rule of 53
  15. How do you determine Pericarditis?
    • ST Elevation in most leads
    • Pt. will feel better when leaning forward
    • No ST Depression
  16. What factors determine true V-Tach on a 12-Lead?
    • Fast Rate
    • Leads I, II, and III all Down? Yes V-Tach
    • Is V1 Up? Yes V-Tach
    • Is V6 Down? Yes V-Tach
  17. What does "I See All Leads" the acronym for?
    • I-Inferior
    • S- Septal
    • A- Anterior
    • L- Lateral
  18. Deviations in leads II, III and aVF
    Inferior MI
  19. Deviations in leads V1 and V2
  20. Deviations in leads V3 and V4
  21. Deviations in leads V5, V6, I, aVL
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