Nursing Chpt 36

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  1. Aneurysm
    Dilated segment of an artery wall caused by weakness and stretching of the arterial wall
  2. Bruit
    Murmur dected by auscultation; sound like turbulent,m fast moving fluid; can signal presence of an aneurysm or development of CAOD
  3. Embolism
    Sudden obstruction of an artery by a floating clot or foreign material
  4. Hemoconcentration
    Concentration of the blood
  5. Ischemia
    Deficient blood flow as a result of an obstruction or constriction of blood vessels
  6. Paresthesia
    Abnormal sensation such as numbness, tingling, crawling or "pins and needles"
  7. Phlebitis
    Inflammation of a vein
  8. Phlebothrombosis
    Development of venous thrombi without venous inflammation
  9. Poikilothermy
    Coolness in an area of the body as a result of decreased blood flow
  10. Thrombophlebitis
    Development of venous thrombi in the presence of venous inflammation
  11. Thrombosis
    Development or presence of a thrombus
  12. Vasoconstriction
    Decrease in blood vessel diameter
  13. Viscosity
    Resistance to flow related to the friction between two components; thickness
  14. Six characteristics of PVD
    • Pain
    • Pulselessness
    • Poikilothermy
    • Pallor
    • Paresthesia
    • Paraylsis
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