BMIS test 1

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  1. "10/40 window"
    65% of world's population
  2. What is the percentage of China that isn't Christian?
    7%, Christian pop. growing rapidly
  3. What % of the world is unchristian?
  4. Current pop. of China?
    1.3 billion
  5. How many people are being persecuted for their faith?
  6. How many people cannot access clean water?
    1 billion
  7. What percentage was urbanized?
    51% of world, 4% shift
  8. What percentage live in the 10/40 window?
  9. Blending or mixing of religions
  10. ethnicity for missions
  11. Basic question of Worldview
    what is real?
  12. Contextualization issues deal with what _______ of the gospel do to ______ their message, resulting churches and even themselves to new cultural contexts
    messengers, adapt
  13. C1
    different language than daily language
  14. C2
    cultural language, but vocabulary "Christian"
  15. C3
    neural setting, Muslim background but call themselves "Christian", most ideal
  16. C4
    religious forms used, Muslim in Christian community
  17. C5
    follow Jesus but remain culturally and officially muslim
  18. C6
    secret or underground Muslim followers with little or no community
  19. contextualization
    meaning within the environment
  20. "Values"
    What is good or best? They are "pre-set" decisions that a culture makes between choices commonly faced. It helps those who live within the culture to know what "should" or "ought" to be done in order to "fit in" or conform to the pattern of life.
  21. "10/40 window"
    the area between the latitudes 10 degrees and 40 degrees north of the equator and between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.
  22. great spiritual challenge
    10/40 window
  23. The lack of the Scriptures for the _________ languages of North Africa was a significant factor in the surprising disappearance of the once larger North African Church between the coming of Islam in A.D. 698 and the 12th century. The same was true for Nubian peoples of the Upper Nile, who eventually succumbed to _____ after being Christian for 1,500 years.
    Berber, Islam
  24. The great cities of our world are the source of most of our wealth and misery, wisdom and depravitym innovation and sin.
  25. "Three Self Paritotic Movement"
    was formed with the encouragement of the government to "liberate the church from the control of Western imperialism"
  26. As much as _____% of the Christians in China are part of house churches.
  27. Urban poverty and suffering
    some of the worst suffering is found among people who have recently arrived in cities
  28. Key causes of urbanization
    poverty, racial ethnic cultural diversity, religious pluralism, anti-urban attitudes, high cost
  29. Aren't trying to obey a _______ but determined to join in with what Jesus is ___________
    "missionary vision" doing pressing his Kingdom forward
  30. Mascot
    admire and ignore
  31. Psalm 110
    "volunteer to freely be with him"
  32. China's population
    1.3 billion
  33. official language of China
    Mandrian Chinese
  34. There are more Chrisitans alive in the world today than
    at any other time in history.
  35. ____________ is currently the fastest growing religious movement in the world today.
    Evangelical Christianity
  36. Africa, in 1900 ____ million Christians, 2000 ______ million despite ecomonic stagnation, hardship and decline
    8, 351
  37. Asia
    rapid growth, 22 million 1900 to 370 million 2005, least evangelized, 83% non-Christian
  38. Middle East
    experienced significant decline in its Christian pop.
  39. Evangelize
    spread the good news, Jesus died for ours sins, raised from the dead, offers forgiveness, gift of spirit to those who believe
  40. "total fludity"
    one and diverse, given yet adapted to its audience
  41. "total ridigity"
    formuals, images we have to imploy
  42. combination of ____________ to fact of revelation with commitment to the _____________
    commitment, contextualization
  43. model for world evangelization
  44. The imbalance of in food distribution is the number one reason a ________
    hunger problem haunts our world today.
  45. What does tuberculosis, pneumonia, diphtheria, influenza, and smallpox have in common?
    most widespread diseases, preventable, immunizations are not available
  46. fecal diseases
    most widespread, parasitic
  47. air-borne diseases
    chicken pox
  48. vector-bone diseases
  49. AIDS epidemic is the world's leading cause of premature death among men and women
  50. All diseases=
  51. 4 practices of the World Christian
    going, welcoming, sending, mobilizing
  52. Kwast's layers of culture
    • behavior-what is done?
    • values- what is good or best?
    • beliefs- what is true?
    • worldview-what is real?
  53. "Global South"
    Africa, Asia, Latin America
  54. Most vigorous growth
    Africa, 10 million Christians from 1900 to 360 in 2000.
  55. Fastest growing portion of global Church
  56. leading language of church membership in the world
    first Spanish, southern language-Chinese, Swahili
  57. 4 reasons why the Bible is indispensable in evangelism
    mandate, mesage, model, power
  58. fastest growing portion of the global Church since 1970
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