Vocabulary - Ch. 5

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  1. attest
    • To make a statement about something on the basis of personal experience; bear witness; testify
    • to declare to be true
  2. attribute
    • A quality or feature of a person or thing
    • a characteristic
  3. discern
    • To recognize; detect
    • to see clearly
  4. dispatch
    • To send to a specific place or on specific business
    • to send
  5. enhance
    • To improve; add to the strength, beauty, or value of something
    • to make better
  6. enigma
    • A mystery or puzzle
    • a puzzle
  7. exemplify
    • To be an example of; represent; be typical of
    • to illustrate
  8. mobile
    • Moving or able to move from place to place
    • movable
  9. nocturnal
    • Of, about, or happening in the night; active at night
    • of the night
  10. orient
    • To determine one's location or direction; to locate in relation to a direction (east, west, etc.)
    • to locate
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