SLS 380 Quiz 1 Chapter 8

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  1. Balance or Ballon Theory
    L2 increasing at the expense of L1. Monolinguals have only 1 ballon. Bilinguals have 2 half-full ballons, one increases in size as the other diminishes during additive bilingualism.
  2. Speparate Underlying Proficiency (SUP)
    restricted amount of room for languages and both L1 and L2 operate seperately without transfer.
  3. Common Underlying Proficiency (CUP)
    one integrated source of thought, capacity to store two or more languages, information processing and educational attainment can develop through two languages.
  4. Iceberg Model
    Both L1 and L2 visibly different in outward conversations, however both L1 and L2 operate through the same central processing system.
  5. Threshold Hypothesis
    summarizes the relationships between cognitive and degree of bilingualism. eg, bottom floor, middle floor, and third floor.
  6. Develop mental Interdependece Hypothesis
    child's L2 competence is partly dependant on the level of competence already achieved in the L1. more developed L1 = easier to develop L2.
  7. BIC
    Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills, is where concern everyday, straightforward communication skills that is helped by contextual support eg. (face to face, hands and eyes action and feed backs.)
  8. CALP
    Cognitive/academic language proficency is context reduced, academical situations, abstract languages are used. eg.(analysis, hypotesis) cognitive, academic, language.
  9. Two-dimensional model
    has 4 different quadrents, 1. own experiences, greeting someone, tells their own story. 2. memorization and copies information from a screen or text. 3. summarizes compares and contrasts, recalls and reviews. 4. argues a case, interprets evidence.
  10. Two-dimensional model appication to instructional planning
    it produce an appropriate teaching strategy. and its useful for analyzing appropriate methods of classroom assessment, eg. observing (1), commentary (2), write-up (3), discussing (4).
  11. Critiques of Threshold Hypothesis
    there is no cutting line for determinging each threshold. No standardized test for measuring language proficiency in both languages. thresholds are relative.
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