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  1. Matter can be composed of what two substances?
    Pure or mixture
  2. A pure substance may either be?
    An element or compound
  3. A mixture may either be?
    Homogenous or heterogenous
  4. What is a physical change?
    Matter chamges its appearance but not its composition.

    Ex: melting
  5. What is a chemical change?
    Matter changes its composition.
  6. Diagram of chemical reaction.
    Reactants—>chemical reaction—>products

    ReactantS are what is present before the chemical change. Products is what its called after the chem. Reaction.
  7. In the conservation of mass, is there new matter?
  8. What r the major two components in our universe?
    Mass and energy
  9. What is the law of conservation energy?
    Energy is neither created or destroyed.
  10. What is the SI unit of energy?
  11. 1 calorie = joules?
    4.184 j
  12. 1 Calorie (Cal) = calories?
    1000 cal
  13. 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) = joules?
    3.60 x 10 6 joules
  14. Label smallest to, J, kWh, cal, Cal
    J, cal, Cal, kWh
  15. What is the K (kelvin) formula?
    K = C (celsius) + 273.15
  16. What is the C (celsius) formula?
    C = (F - 32) / 1.8

    Celsius and fahrenheit both contain neg. Temps. Kelvin scale doesn't.
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