Respiratory System

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  1. What are the four Processes done to supply the body with O2 and get rid of CO2?
    • -Pulmonary Ventilation
    • -External Respiration
    • -Transport of Respiritory Gases
    • -Internal Respiration
  2. What is Pulmonary Ventilation?
    Breathing, moving air in and out
  3. What is External Respiration?
    Movement of O2 from the lungs to the blood and fromthe blood to the lungs
  4. What happens in the transport of respiratory gases?
    O2 is transported from the lungs to the tissue cells of the body and CO2 is transfered from the tissue cells to the lungs
  5. How is the transport of respiratory gases accomplished?
    By the cardiovascular system using blood as a transporting fluid
  6. What is Internal Respiration?
    Movement of O2 from the blood to the tissue cells and CO2 from the tissue cells to the blood
  7. Respiratory Muscles include:
    Diaphram and other muscles that promote ventilation
  8. The structure of the nose:
    • 2 regions:
    • -External nose > root, bridge, dorsum nasi, and apex
    • -Internal nasal cavity
    • Philtrum: shallow vertical groove inferior to the apex
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