Aural Rehab Exam 1

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  1. Ipsliateral
    Reflex is stimulated and measured in the SAME EAR
  2. Contralateral
    when the simulus is in the tested ear and the probe is in the oppisite ear

    Ex. right contralateral= right ear stimulus aned probe tip in the left ear
  3. What is the contraction of the middle-ear muscles in response to intense sounds,which, has the effect of stiffening the middle-ear system and decreasing its static scoustic compliance
    Acoustic reflex
  4. Acoustic Reflex's are tested at what frequencies
    5001000 2000 4000 Hz

    *Automatic screening fuction usually at 1000 Hz

    *using the facial nerve this stimulates in both ears contralteraly
  5. General Tymp Norms
    Y mmho-->
    TW/TPP dapa-->
    Vea cm3-->
    Y mmho--> how high and low the peak is Vertically

    TW/TPP dapa-->where the peak is located on the tymp Horizontally

    Vea cm3-->Equivalent ear canal volume
  6. Children Tymp Norms
    • Y mmho-.25to-1.05
    • TPP/TW dapa-80 to 159
    • Vea cm3- .3 to -.9
  7. Adult tymp norms
    • Y mmho- .30 to -1.7
    • TPP/W Dapa-51-114
    • Vea cm3-.9 to -2.
  8. The meausrement of the middle-ear pressure determined by the mobility of the membrane as a fucntion of various amounts of pasitive and negative pressure in the external ear canal is called
  9. Normal middle ear function
    Type A tymp
  10. Abnormal Stiffness in the middle ear system
    *Peak WNL but compliance is abnomally low
    Type As Tymp
  11. A Flaccid TM wiht high amplitude
    Type Ad Tymp
  12. Restricted TM mobility, possibly fluid
    Type B tymp
  13. Abnormally Negative pressure in the middle ear cavity
    Type C Tymp
  14. [ and ] on a audiogram stand for
    Masked left and right ears of Bone conduction
  15. >< on an audiogram stand for
    unmasked bone conduction
  16. x and o stand for
    unmasked air conduction
  17. When to use Masking ( using [])
    10 db difference
  18. Child degree of hearing loss
    • 15- 25 slight
    • 26-30 mild
    • 31-50 moderate
    • 51-70 severe
    • 70+ profound
  19. Adult degree of hearing loss
    • 10-25 WNL
    • 25-40- mild
    • 41-55 Moderate
    • 56-70 Moderately severe
    • 71-90 Severe
    • 90+ Profound
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