Wheelock Chapter Two Terms

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  1. What noun means 'rumor, report; fame, reputation' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Fama
    • Famae
  2. What noun means 'form, shape; beauty' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Forma
    • Formae
  3. What noun means 'fortune, luck' in latin? (3x parts)
    • Fortu
    • Fortuna
    • Fortunae
  4. What noun means 'ire, anger' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Ira
    • Irae
  5. What noun means 'sailor' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Nauta
    • Nautae
  6. What noun means 'fatherland, native land' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Patria
    • Patriae
  7. What noun means 'money' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Pecunia
    • Pecuniae
  8. What noun means 'philosophy; wisdom' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Philosophia
    • Philosophiae
  9. What noun means 'penalty, punishment' in latin? (2x parts)
    • poena
    • poenae
    • Idiom: poenas dare, to pay the penalty
  10. What noun means 'poet' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Poeta
    • Poetae
  11. What noun means 'gate, entrance' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Puella
    • Puellae
  12. What noun means 'rose' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Rosa
    • Rosae
  13. What noun means 'feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Sententia
    • Sententiae
  14. What noun means 'life, mode of life' in latin? (2x parts)
    • Vita
    • Vitae
  15. What adjective means 'ancient, old-time' in latin? (3x parts)
    • Antiquus
    • Antiqua
    • Antiquum
  16. What adjective means 'large, great; important' in latin? (3x parts)
    • Magnus
    • Magna
    • Magnum
  17. What adjective means 'my' in latin? (3x parts)
    • Meus
    • Mea
    • Meum
  18. What adjective means 'much, many' in latin? (3x parts)
    • Multus
    • Multa
    • Multum
  19. What adjective means 'your' in latin? (3x parts)
    • Tuus
    • Tua
    • Tuum
  20. What conjunction means 'and; even; both' in latin?
  21. What conjunction means 'but' in latin?
  22. What interjection means 'O!, Oh!' in latin?
  23. What preposition means 'without' in latin?
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