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  1. The Diameter of a peroxisome is a sphere about how big?
    0.5 micrometers
  2. A Peroxisome has 1 or 2 unit membranes?
    1 unit membrane
  3. What do the enzymes in peroxisomes accomplish?
    They oxidize alcohols and fatty acids too large to enter the mitochondria.
  4. Coenzyme FAD is regenerated by creating what? How much energy is produced?
    Peroxide. None.
  5. Phospholipids and Cholesterol of the peroxisome membrane are made where?
    Membrane of SER.
  6. The Specialized ER which includes peroxisomal membrane proteins is created where?
  7. How are the peroxisomal enzymes made?
    By free ribosomes in the cytosol.
  8. When and how does the peroxisome become a sphere and break off from the RER?
    As the matrix fills with enzyme proteins imported by Transport proteins made by the RER.
  9. Most of a cell's energy comes from where?
    Activities of the mitochondria.
  10. What is the role of Mitochondria?
    To oxidize pyruvic acid and other short chain fatty acids to CO2 and Water.
  11. How are mitochondrial proteins transported into the cell?
    By translocase proteins in the outer and inner mitochondrial membranes.
  12. Mitochondria can be up to how many much in length and diameter?
    10 and 1 micrometer
  13. The matrix inside the mitochondrion contains enzymes of which cycle?
  14. Which membrane contains most of the E.T.C.?
    Inner membrane
  15. Live mitochondria are Acidic or Basic?
  16. Apoptic signals can be sent by deactivating what?
    Bcl-2 which keeps pores shut
  17. Describe a cilium.
    9 pairs of fused microtubules forming a circle around two singlet microtubules
  18. The arms of the microtubule consist of a which protein?
    Dynein which is an ATPase
  19. Describe microtubules. Shape, length, etc.
    25 nm in diameter hollow tubes. Assembled from globular protein tubulin
  20. A micro filament or a microtubule can grow slowly at its minus end?
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