Backcountry People

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  1. Where did most of the backcountry people come from?
    • Northern England
    • Southwestern Scottland
    • Northern Ireland (Scotch-Irish)
  2. What are the Scotch-Irish?
    Scotch people kicked out of Scottland, then moved through Ireland
  3. What were their origin lands like?
    • Not fertile
    • Rocky soil
    • A lot of sustinence farming
    • A harsh way to live
  4. What was their living like?
    • Harsh
    • Great poverty and violence
  5. How many kings did the backcountry people go through?
    7 centuries of kings of England and Scottland faught over land
  6. How did they feel about family?
    Loyal to family over king
  7. How did they feel about government?
    Didnt like the government
  8. How did they get to America?
    They had just enough money to pay their way to america
  9. How did other people react to them?
    They did not like them at all
  10. What was their religion?
    Mostly presbyterian
  11. How was their attitude toward their enemies?
    They had a militaristic set of mind and prayed for the death of enemies
  12. What are their church services like?
    • Shouting and crying
    • When a preacher comes into town they have tent revivials.
  13. Where did they go once in America?
    They first went to New England then were quicked out by quakers, finally they settled in frontier/backcountry
  14. How did they speak?
    • With a scotch-irish dialect
    • Used vulgar expressions & and body function words commonly
    • Sexual names were also common
  15. What did they build for houses?
    Log cabins called "Pens" (single, double, or dog-trot pen)
  16. What family did they live with?
    Nuclear family
  17. What did family mean to them?
    It meant "clan" which went down to four generations
  18. What was their loyalty to their families?
    Great sense of honor and shame (family fueds)
  19. What is the most famous family feud?
    Hatfields and McCoys
  20. How did they keep order?
    • Practiced the rule of retaliation
    • Lynch's law- swift justice
  21. How did they marry?
    • Often in the same clan
    • Usually through bridal abduction
    • Very young
  22. What is a bridal abduction?
    • Where there groom goes and takes his bride
    • Mostly voluntary
    • Drinking and heavy arms were common at both types of weddings
  23. Why was prenuptial pregnancy high?
    There were not many preachers that came by to marry couples so they just said they were married
  24. What was the stereo type for men?
    • They were worriors
    • Very strong
    • They didnt do house work at all
  25. What was the stereo types for women?
    Women worked around the house and were very weak
  26. What were marriages like?
    • Love and violence were common ingrediants
    • Few women were left bc of fear of getting attacked
  27. What were children taught?
    Fierce pride & stubborn independance & worriors
  28. What items did they let their children play with?
    • Axes
    • Hatchets
    • Knives
    • Play guns
    • Bows
  29. How did they punish their children?
    • Corpally
    • Usually alcohol influenced
    • Runaways and fightong were commom
    • Trying to kil parents was common
  30. What were the sports like?
    Very violent (simular to war)
  31. What were some sports they had?
    • Running
    • Wrestling
    • Throwing axes
    • Eye gouging
    • Many games involved guns
  32. What was the food like?
    • Not good
    • Potatoes, pancakes, & grits common
    • Pork was main meal
    • Wiskey main beverage
  33. What were tenant or squatters known as?
    • Crackers
    • Rednecks
    • Hoosiers
  34. What was another type of belief they had?
    • They were very superstitious
    • Not educated and learned alot by oral culture
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