Europe ans European Explorers

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  1. How did Rome collapse?
    By invasions from the north
  2. What happened to Rome after she collapsed?
    • •city life declined
    • •travel became dangerous
    • •catholic church was
    • educated
  3. What was created in the Middle ages?
    The Feudal System
  4. Which crusade was most unsuccessful?
    The first crusade
  5. What were the Crusades?
    Wars to recapture the Holy Land (todays isreal)
  6. What were the outcomes of the crusades?
    • •they were a failure
    • •brought people out od isolation
    • •Muslims retake lands
    • •trade routes developed
    • -spices and cloth
  7. After the crusades, why was trade difficult?
    it was over land (China) which made it harder to get to
  8. What did people need in order to increase trade?
    • •a new route by water
    • •gold to but goods (major
    • export of gold was africa)
  9. What happened as trade increased?
    • •Cities began
    • •many trade systems break down
    • •increased commerce
  10. What are the middle classes?
    • •bankers
    • •merchants
    • •craftsman
  11. What do the nations replace after the crusades?
    The fuedal estate
  12. What was the renaissance period?
    • •a rebirth
    • •exploration begins
    • •reform within the Catholic Church
  13. Who was Martin Luther?
    The sale of indulgences to be forgiven
  14. What happened to the church after it split?
    • •protestant reform
    • •decrease of power in the Catholic church
    • •countries break with church
  15. Who was Leif Ericson? And what did he do?
    He was a norwegian who explored Newfoundland during the dark ages.
  16. What stories are told about Leif Ericson?
    The sagas
  17. There was a desire for gold, what needed to change?
    • •people needed cheeper supplies
    • •there was a demand for new routes to get gold
  18. Who was Prince Henry? And what did he do?
    He was a portuguese prince who was nicknamed the navigator because he sponsored trips to explore especially around the african cost and to spread christianity.
  19. Who was Bartholomew Dias? And what did he do?
    A portuguese sailor that wanted to go to India. He made it as far as the Cape of Good Hope until there was a threat of mutiny against him.
  20. Who was Vasco da Gama? And what did he do?
    A portuguese sailore that made it to India and brouggt Portugal great wealth.
  21. Who was Pedro Cabrail? And what did he do?
    A portuguese sailor who sail off course into Brazil.
  22. Who was Christopher Columbus? And what did he do?
    A spanish sailor that found the americas.
  23. What was the treaty of tordesillas?
    An agreemant made by the pope as a line of demarcation to split the world between Spain and Portugal at 48 degrees longitude.
  24. Who was Amerigo Vespucci? And what did he do?
    A spanish sailor that claimed the americas.
  25. Who was Vasco de Balboa? And what did he do?
    A spanish sailor who was the 1st to cross the Isthmus of Panama and saw the Pacific Ocean
  26. Who is Ponce de Leon? And what did he do?
    • •A spanish sailor
    • •1st to notice gulf stream
    • •1st to explore north america
  27. Was was Cortez? And what did he do?
    A spanish sailore who conquered mexico
  28. Who welcomed Cortez?
    Monetzuma, the king of The aztec empire
  29. The capital of Aztec empire?
  30. What did Bartholomew de las Casa have to say about enslaving native Americans?
    To enslave africans instead
  31. Who is Magellan? And what did he do?
    • A spanish sailore who sailed the globe.
    • - he died b4 he could actually make it but his voyage made it
  32. Who is Francisco Pizarro? And what did he do?
    • •A spanish sailor
    • •found the Incan empire •explored west coast of africa
  33. Who is Hermando do Soto? And what did he do?
    • •a spanish sailor
    • •claimed south east america
    • •1st to see the Mississippi (burried there as well)
  34. Who was Vasquez de Cornado? and what did he do?
    • •a spanish sailor
    • •explored south western U.S.
  35. Who is Juan Cabrillo? What did he do?
    • •a spanish sailor
    • •explored west coast of California
  36. Why no permanent English or French Colonies?
    • •internal termoil
    • •religious divisions
    • •not as powerful as spanosh Armada
  37. Who was John Cabot? What did he do?
    • •english sailor
    • •lay claim on Newfoundland
  38. Who was Sir/Captain Frances Drake? What did he do?
    • •english sailor
    • •1st english sailor to sail around the world
    • •brought lots of stolen gold from spanish ships
  39. Who is Richard Hakluyt? What did he do?
    • •english leader
    • •came up with the idea to
    • have forts in new england to
    • intercept spanish forts
    • - military
    • - natural resources
    • - trade
  40. Who was Sir Walter Raleigh? What did he do?
    • •english leader
    • •sent people to help start
    • colonies
  41. What is the lost colony of Roanoke?
    • •one of the 1st settled colonies in the americas
    • •the men left to defeat the Spanish Armada, when they returned Roanoke was gone
    • - possibly b/c of Kroatoan indians (carved tree)
  42. Who is Henry Hudson? What did he do?
    • •a dutch sailor
    • •founds newfoundland
    • •founds new amsterdam
    • •explores hudson river
  43. What did Henry Hudson do for England?
    Founded the northwest passage
  44. Who is Jacques Cartier? What did he do?
    • •french sailor
    • •explored St. Lawrence river
    • •brought back fools gold and fake diamonds
  45. Who is Samuel de Champlain? What did he do?
    • •french sailor
    • •founds Quebec
  46. Who is Louis Juliet and Jaques Marqutte? What did they do?
    • •french sailors
    • •Louis (fur trader)
    • •Jaques (priest)
    • •found "Father of Waters" (mississippi) f
  47. Who is Robert de la Salle? What did he do?
    • •french explorer
    • •claimed more of the Mississippi and its tributaries
  48. What is the Colombian exchange?
    A trade market which exploded in international commerce
  49. What did we get from "New World"?
    • -gold
    • -silver
    • -syphillis
    • -corn and potatoes
    • -vanilla
    • -chocolate
  50. What did we get from "Old World"?
    • -wheat
    • -sugar
    • -rice and coffee
    • -horses, cows, and pigs
    • -small pox, measels, and bubonic plague
    • -scarlett fllu and fever
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