Puritan Folkways

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  1. What was their religion?
    • Majority were Calvinists
    • Believed that Christ died only for the elect, not for everyone.
  2. How did families travel?
    In groups and setteled in nuclear familes
  3. What class of the emigrants to MA?
    Middle class
  4. What were most middle class gentlefolk called?
    • Mister
    • Mistress
    • Yoemen and wives
    • Goodman
    • Goodwife
    • Goody
  5. What was the personality of the community?
    Outsiders were not welcomed
  6. What was the importance of reputation?
    • Social reputaion was very important
    • Shame was feared
  7. What was the important of order?
    • Order was very important
    • Everything had to be in its proper place
  8. What work did they do?
    • 80% of the people engaged in agriculture
    • Most had other jobs as well
  9. How did they look at wealth?
    They Condemed pursuit of wealth
  10. What did time mean to them?
    • Dont waste time
    • Make the best of every moment
  11. How did they handle the sabbath?
    Many activites were forbidden such as work
  12. What what outlawed? Why?
    Holidays were outlawed b/c they broke weekly order
  13. What was the time of child birth to them?
    They believed chlidren were born the day of conception therefore you didnt want to have a baby on sunday
  14. How was the distribution of land?
    • Land settling was pretty equal
    • Most folks had between 60 to 90 acres
  15. What did the virginians practice and they not?
    Primogeniture and entail
  16. How was the estate divided?
    • Equally among the children of both sexes
    • Women got the movables
    • Men got land
  17. How did they feel about education?
    • Special concern for literacy expressed in laws and institution
    • 84% of men and 50% could sign their name
    • Most could read and write
  18. What law did they make for education? What did it do?
    The "Old Deluder Law" compelled every town of 50 families to hire a school master
  19. Where did they come from?
    • Mostly east england
    • Most of the towns were named after places in east england
  20. What was the main building material?
  21. What was the middle class housing like?
    A salt box
  22. What were the wealthier homes like?
    Gabled box
  23. What was the percentage of marriage?
    • Almost all men and women were married
    • 94% women
    • 98% men
  24. What were unmarried women known as? Why?
    • Thorn backs
    • They felt that the unmarried were a sign of God's ill favor
  25. What was the marriage contract to the puritans?
    It was civil
  26. What were the reasons for divorce?
    • Adultery
    • Desertion
    • Cruelty
    • Physical abuse
    • "failure to provide"
  27. What was their belief of why marriage should be?
    • For love
    • Marriages were not arranged
  28. What devices were used with courting couples?
    • Bundling
    • Courting sticks
  29. How did they name their children?
    • 90% of children's names were from the bible
    • Hortatory names also used such as: Hope
  30. What are necronyms?
    • Naming a child after someone who has died
    • Usually siblings
  31. What did old age represent?
    • It showed favor from God
    • A sign of being elect
    • Great honor
  32. What was the architecture of churches?
    • Plains square bulidings with plain interiors
    • Steep ladder to high pulpit
    • Elders sat in the front
  33. How was the seating in church arranged?
    • Men sat on one side, women sat on another
    • Arranged in order of age, wealth, and reputation
  34. What was the only ornamentation in the church?
    A staring eye
  35. What was the cause of no heating in the church?
    Frost bite in long sermons were not unknown
  36. What were church sermons like?
    • 2 sermons each sunday, both about 2 hours long
    • At the end pslam was sung like chant
  37. What was the first book published in north america?
    • Bay Psalm Book
    • A book of hyms in 1636
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