Southern Colonies

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  1. When was Jamestown founded?
  2. How many ships and people did the Virginia Comp. Of London (London Company) have?
    • 3 ships
    • 144 men
  3. What was the VA Comp. Of Plymouth looking for?
    • Gold
    • Northwest passage to China
  4. Who saved Jamestown?
    • Pocahontes
    • John Smith
  5. What did John Smith tell the men to do?
    To work
  6. Who is John Rolfe and what did he do?
    • Brought tobacco to colonies
    • Married Pocahantes
  7. What was Pocahontas son's name?
    Baby Thomas
  8. What was Pocahontas renamed?
    Lady Rebecca
  9. What was the time of great illness?
    Seasoning period
  10. What was the headlight system?
    For every head counted 50 acres was getting given to them.
  11. What were the people who payed off debts?
    Indentured servants
  12. At first, how were Africans admitted to the Americas?
    As indentured servants
  13. What was the Barbados Slave Code?
    The carribean slave trade
  14. Who was Nathaniel Bacon and what did he do?
    A colonial man who became dissatisfied with the government not protecting the outer land owners.
  15. What rebellion did Bacon end up causing?
    • The Bacon rebellion which burned down Jamestown
    • Lead to an increase in slavery
  16. What was the Stono rebellion?
    A slave rebellion to fight for freedom (unsucessful)
  17. What did the Stono rebellion cause?
    • A harsher slave code was enforced
    • No education
    • No extra money
  18. What was the 1st VA legislature?
    The House on Burgesses in 1618
  19. What were the causes of House of Burgesses?
    • Made money from tobacco
    • The people in charge were
    • Aristocratic
    • They used factors
  20. What is a factor?
    A middleman who deals with money
  21. Who founded Maryland?
    Lord Baltimore
  22. For whom was Maryland a refuge for?
  23. Why did Lord Baltimore what a new feudal system?
    To expand B/c nobody wanted to come to the colonies
  24. What "Act" did Lord Baltimore create?
    • The Religious Toleration Act
    • Only for Protestant and Catholics
  25. Whom was the Carolinas names after?
    King Charles 2nd
  26. What did the Carolinas bring to the colonies?
    The Barnados Slave code (indians were traded as slaves early on)
  27. What was the major export of of the Carolinas?
  28. Why was there a division in the Carolinas?
    • N. Carolina didn't fit in well with VA because they were more "common ppl"
    • S. Carolina was Aristocratic and had a better harbor
  29. What were S. Carolina's major crops?
    • Indigo
    • Rice
  30. What was the last of the 13 colonies?
  31. What kind of colony was Georgia?
    A buffer colony to protect S. Carolina
  32. Who was Georgia named after?
    Goerge 3rd
  33. Who was the founder of Georgia?
    John Ogelthorpe
  34. At first, what two things were outlawed in Georgia?
    • Slaves
    • Liquor
  35. Who was the founder of the Methodist church?
    John Wesley
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