SAT Vocab B List #3

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  1. advocate
    (v) urge; plead for
  2. aesthetic
    (adj) artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciation of the beautiful
  3. belligerent
    (adj) quarrelsome
  4. caustic
    (adj) burning; sarcastically biting
  5. fallacious
    (adj) misleading
  6. gllutton
    (n) someone who eats too much
  7. haphazard
    (adj) random; at chance
  8. interminable
    (adj) endless
  9. lofty
    (adj) very high
  10. morose
    (adj) ill-humored; sullen
  11. ratify
    (v) approve formally; verify
  12. retaliate
    (v) repay in kind (usually for bad treatment)
  13. superficial
    (adj) trivial; shallow
  14. thrifty
    (adj) careful with money; economical
  15. viable
    (adj) capable of maintaining life
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