Certified Nurse Assistant

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  1. Ambulation
    To walk in upright position, or assist someone to walk
  2. Psychosocial
    Individual's mental or emotional processes combined with abiltiy to interact with others
  3. Ombudsman
    A guardian who is assigned to look out for the rights of others
  4. Aphasia [uh-fey-zhuh]
    Loss of the ability to use language effectively
  5. Carbohydrates
    Sugars and starches
  6. Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus)
    A condition in which the body cannot break down and use carbohydrates because there is insufficient insulin
  7. Endocrine System
    System of glands which secrete hormones into the blood
  8. Exocrine [ek-suh-krin] Glands
    Glands which secrete hormones into a body cavity or directly outside the body
  9. Secrete
    Give off
  10. The endocrine systme is made up of the following glands:
    • * Pituitary
    • * Thyroid
    • * Parathyroid
    • * Thymus
    • * Adrenal
    • * Pancreas
    • * Ovaries
    • * Testes
  11. Pituitary Gland
    Located at the base of the brain and is the smallest endocrine glan. It is called the master gland because its hormone regulates the work of all the cells, or metabolism, and stimulates other endocrine glands to secrete their hormones. The pituitary is the master regulator of the body.
  12. Thyroid Gland
    Is a large gland located at the base of the throat. Its hormones are responsible for growth, energy, sexual development, and skin texture
  13. Parathyroid Glands
    Are two pairs of very small glands located within the thyroid gland. Their hormone is necessary for regulating calcium and phosphorus within the body
  14. Thymus Gland
    Located in the center of the chest, behind and above the heart. This gland is not fully understood. It is believed that is plays a part in the body's immune system
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