Trivia Week 5

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  1. What animal was introduced to Egypt by the invading Hyksos?
    Horse - Hyksos rulded Egypt (1760 bc - 1600 bc)
  2. What do we call a change to the constitution
  3. What college football team did Terry Bradshaw play for?
    Louisiana Tech
  4. Who is the winningest college football coach ever?
    Eddie Robbinson, Grambling University
  5. What was Memphis?
    Capital city of Egypt's Old kingdom
  6. How many changes or amendments are there in the constitution?
  7. In which year did the LSU football team win their fist National Championship?
  8. On what date did LSU football star Billy Cannon make his famous 89 yard touchdown putn return against Ole Miss?
    Halloween 1959
  9. Who was Alexander the Great?
    King of Macedonia who conqured the Egypt in 323 BC
  10. How many branches are there in the US government
  11. Who was LSU's mascot, Mike the tiger named after?
    Mike Chamber, football team trainer
  12. What is the seating capacity of LSU's tiger stadium?
    80,150 originally, remodeled and now will hold 92,000 and pent houses (2nd larges in SEC, Ten Vols is the 1st)
  13. What is a scribe?
    hereditary writing and record keeping profession
  14. What is the origin of the Tulane colors, grean and white and the LSU colors, purple and gold?
    Mardi Gras - 1893
  15. What are the 3 branches of the US government?
    Legislative, Executive, Judicary
  16. The LSU fight song, "Hey, Fighting Tigers" takes its melody from what popular Broadway song?
    Hey look me over - from the unsinkable Molly Brown
  17. Who was Khufu?
    King who built and is entombed in the Great Pyramid (2650 - 2600 BC)
  18. Who was the legislative branch of the US government?
  19. Who, from Zachary, was the first black quarter back to lead his team to victory in the super bowl?
    Doug Williams, Washington Redskins, 1988
  20. Which University in North Louisiana continues to produce more that its share of professional football players?
    Grambling University
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