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  1. Howard Gardner's Multple choice Intelligance
    • Linguistic
    • logical mathematical
    • musical
    • spatial visual
    • bodily kinestic
    • interpersonal
    • intrapersonal
    • naturalist
  2. Piaget Congitive development stages
    • Sensorimotor intelligence (birth - 2)
    • Properational thought ( 2-7)
    • Concrete operations (7-11)
    • Formal Operations (11- 15)
    • These stages are cumulative and integrated into one another
  3. distancing
    a basic perceptual principle affecting those cognitive changes that apparently precede and lay the foundation for language acuistion (Lennenburg). The infant is trying to understand her world primarily through touch, taste, and smell.
  4. object performance
    knowing that objects exist in time and space even if you can't see or act on them.
  5. Vygotsky believed
    that the developing child interacts with her enviornment
  6. Vygotsky's Theory of Cognitive Development
    • relationship between cognition and language
    • heavily influenced by the enviornment and culture
    • cognitive development is continus not stage by stage
    • Intersubjectivity and scaffolding have been found to help the process of transferring
    • private speech- talking to you self as getting older becomes internal
  7. Intersubjectivity
    being able to accomadate with someone else to get a task completed.
  8. Dynamic Systems Theory
    • Emergent product of the real - time interaction of many components
    • Physical and cognitive abilities
    • specifies of the task
    • state of system in the just; previous past
    • child'd individual developmental history of percieving and acting
    • Always changing system of how the child works
  9. perception
    • refers to the process by which person selects, organizes integrates and interprets the sensory stimuli he recieves
    • cognitive blends with perception at about ages 2-5
  10. Excutive function
    • presumes the child has the ability to talk clearly
    • a set of control processes in the human brain that allow us to maintain attention, inhibit irrelevant association, and use working memory
  11. working memory
    allows for the voluntarly focused, and exclusive processing and maintance of task- relevant information
  12. theory of mind
    • is an understanding of mental states that happens in time. Assists us in considering other people's thoughts feelings and knowledge
    • bilingual speakers are better at this
  13. Vygotsky Zone of Proximal Development
    where a child plateaued and needs a more experiences person to help them through the zone.
  14. scaffolding
    building on previous knowledge
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