Appendicular Bone Marking

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  1. Humerus Head
    smooth, bold surface, medial, articulates with glenoid cavity of scapula
  2. Humerus Anatomical Neck
    groove (tunnel) next to the head
  3. Humerus Surgical Neck
    fracture site, beneth the tubercles
  4. Lesser Tubercle
    anterior, less prominent behind the head of humerus
  5. Greater Tubercle
    lateral, bigger prominent behind the head of humerus
  6. Intertubercular groove (sulcus)
    dent between the two tubercles of humerus
  7. Capitulum
    lateral condyle, round, articulate with head of radius of humerus
  8. Trochlea
    medial condyle of humerus, wheel-shape, articulate with trochlear notch of ulna
  9. Olecranon Fossa
    distal, posterior, pit abovea trochlea of humerus, accommondates with olecrranon processs of ulna
  10. Coronoid Fossa
    distal, anterior, medial pit of humerus, accommodates the coronoid process of ulna
  11. Radial Fossa
    distal, anterior, lateral pit, near head of radius
  12. Humerus Shaft
  13. Deltoid Tuberosity
    lateral, rough area on the shaft, humerus
  14. Olecranon Process
    prominent on posterior of trochlear notch of ulna, bony point of elbow
  15. Coronoid Process
    anterior, less prominent of trochlear notch of ulna
  16. Trochlear notch (Semilunar notch)
    anterior, c-shape top of the ulna, wrape around the trochlea of ulna
  17. Radial notch
    lateral to the coronoid process of ulna, accommodates the head of the radius
  18. Ulna Styloid Process
    distal of ulna, bony point
  19. Ulna Head
    distal, articulate with ulna notch of radius
  20. Radial Head
    proximal, disc-shape, superior surace spins on capitulum of humerus, edge spins on radial notch of ulna
  21. Radial Neck
    below, distal to the head
  22. Radial Tuberosity
    medial, rough prominence under the neck
  23. Radial Styloid Process
    lateral, bony point, proximal to the thumb
  24. Ulnar notch
    medial, articulates with head of ulna
  25. Superior angle
    superior bony point
  26. Inferior angle
    inferior bony point
  27. Vertebral (medial) border
    anterior, longer side
  28. Axillary (lateral) border
    opposite of vertebral border
  29. Spine of Scapula (scapular spine)
    posterior small, ridge
  30. Acromion Process
    platelike extension of the spine of scapula, articulate with the acromial end of the clavicle
  31. Coracoid Process
    anterior, beak-like
  32. Glenoid Cavity
    shallow socket on the superior border, articulate with head of humerus
  33. Supraspinous fossa
    posterior, superior to the spine of scapula
  34. Infraspinous fossa
    posterior, inferior to the spine of scapula
  35. Sternal end
    medial, round
  36. Acromial end
    lateral, flat
  37. Femur Head
    round, articulates with acetabulum of os coxae, medial
  38. Fovea capitis
    pit, in the head of femur
  39. Femur Neck
    distal to head, constrict
  40. Greater Trochanter
    lateral, rough, superior projection under the neck of femur
  41. Lesser Trochanter
    posterior, rough, inferior projection under the neck of femur
  42. Femur Medial Condyle
    posterior, distal, articulate with medial condyle of tibia
  43. Femur Lateral Condyle
    posterior, distal, articulate with lateral condyle on tibia
  44. Intercondylar Fossa
    posterior, groove between medial and lateral condyle of femur
  45. Linea Aspera
    posterior, rough ridge of shaft of femur
  46. Patellar Surface
    anterior, medial smooth depression of femur
  47. Base
  48. Tibial Lateral Condyle
    superior, lateral
  49. Tibial Crest
    anterior, rough along the shaft
  50. Tibial Medial Condyle
    superior, medial
  51. Intercondylar Eminence
    ridge between medial and lateral condyle of tibia
  52. Medial Malleolus
    distal, medial, point of tibia, articulate with the medial surface of talus
  53. Fibular notch
    distal, lateral, opposite of medial malleolus of radius, articulate with lateral malleolus on fibula
  54. Tibial Tuberosity
    anterior, proximal, rough surface under the condyles
  55. Lateral Malleolus
    distal, lateral, point of fibula, articulate with fibular notch of tibia
  56. Fibula Head
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