Jazz Test 1

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  1. Scott Joplin
    • Piano
    • "Maple Leaf Rag"
    • Ragtime
    • Influenced development of early jazz playing style
  2. John Philip Sousa
    • Famous Bandleader
    • Marching Band/Military Band
    • Band music influenced jazz directly
  3. Bessie Smith
    • Blues Singer (Shouter)
    • "Reckless Blues"
    • Classic Blues
    • Influenced generations of singers, both inside and outside the field of jazz
  4. Huddie Ledbetter (Leadbelly)
    Country Blues
  5. Buddy Bolden
    • Cornet
    • "Funky Butt"
    • Early Jazz
    • Influenced Bunk Johnson, Freddie "King" Keppard, Joe "King" Oliver, Mutt Carey,
  6. The Original Dixieland Jazz Band (ODJB)
    • Chicago Scene
    • Early Jazz
    • Cornet, clarinet, trombone, piano, drums
    • "Dixie Jazz Band One-Step" "Livery Stable Blues"
    • 1st Jazz record ever issued
  7. Joe "King" Oliver
    • Trumpet
    • Creole Jazz Band
    • Early Jazz (New Orleans)
    • "Dippermouth Blues" "Alligator Hop"
  8. Jelly Roll Morton
    • Piano
    • 1st Jazz pianist and 1st important jazz composer
    • "Wolverine Blues"
    • Early Jazz
    • one of the first jazz musicians to blend composition with improvisation in an elaborate and balanced way that still conveyed the excitement that had typified collectively improvised jazz
    • helped bridge gap b/w ragtime piano style and jazz piano style
  9. Earl "Fatha" Hines
    • Piano
    • "West End Blues:
    • Early Jazz
    • influenced: art tatum, count bessie, teddy wilson, nat cole, bud powell
  10. James P. Johnson
    • Piano
    • Early Jazz
    • Father of Stride piano style
    • "you've got to be modernistic"
    • Influenced: Art Tatum and Duke Ellington
  11. Louis Armstrong
    • Father of Jazz
    • Trumpet
    • Early Jazz
    • "West End Blues" "Hotter than that"
    • Influenced: Oran Page, Bunny Berigan, Buck Clayton, Johnny Hodges (sax)
    • Most influential of all Jazz musicians
  12. Bix Beiderbecke
    • Trumpet
    • Early Jazz
    • Influenced by: classical impressionist composers and jazz artists
    • Influenced: Jimmy McPartland, Red Nichols, Bobby Hackett
    • "In a Mist"
  13. Sidney Bechet
    • Clarinet and Soprano Sax
    • Early Jazz
    • Traditional New Orleans Style
    • Influenced: Johnny Hodges and John Coltrane
    • "Blue Horizon"
  14. Robert Johnson
    • Delta Blues
    • Guitar
  15. Storyville
    • Red light district in NOLA
    • THE Party scene in the south
    • live band needed to create a draw for diverse crowd
    • Bands highly motivated to perform several styles
  16. Congo Square
    Where slaves congregated on Sundays in NOLA
  17. Ragtime
    • style of written piano music involving pronounced syncopation
    • a label often applied to much pre-1920 Jazz and pop music
  18. Marching Band
    • military Bands in America
    • extended beyond European tradition
  19. Minstrel Shows
    • America's premier form of entertainment from 1840-1910
    • performers in black-face, portraying blacks as buffoonish, lazy, ignorant characters
    • variety show
    • Americans across the country are watching same shows, for the first time
  20. Gospel Spirituals
    • developed by African American Baptist Church
    • most were illiterate, learned/sang hymns orally using call and response
    • "One Day" Angelic Gospel Singers and the Dixie Hummingbirds
  21. Blues
    • Delta: Mississippi Delta
    • Country: Leadbelly
    • Delta and Country were male dominated and play guitar
    • Classic: female dominated; blues songs adapted for entertainment in clubs with bands
  22. Brass Bands
    • smaller than marching band
    • tuba, trombone, trumpets (brass) and drums
    • smaller instrumentation allow them to play several functions and travel easily
  23. Creoles of Color
    • a person of European and African descent born in US
    • held unique status in NOLA society, just under whites, until Jim Crow laws
    • embraced European ancestry
    • trained in classical or European dance music
  24. Jim Crow Laws
    • Constitutional Segregation
    • ended elite status of Creoles of Color
    • Creoles forced into lower class of blacks
    • For Music: this meant mixing musicians with European, African, and African American backgrounds
  25. Collective Improvisation
    simultaneous improv by all members of a group together
  26. Stride Piano
    • left hand style used by early jazz pianists
    • employs a base note on 1st and 3rd beats of each measure and a chord on 2nd and 4th
    • James P. Johnson and Willie "The Lion" Smith
  27. Syncopation
    Stress on any portion of the measure other than 1st part of 1st beat
  28. Dixieland
    • chicago combo style prominent during 1920s
    • synonym for all pre-swing-era combo jazz
  29. Rhythms Section
    • group of players whose band function is accompanying
    • role common for pianists, bassists, drummers
  30. Piano Trio
    • piano
    • guitar
    • bass
  31. organ trio
    • organ
    • guitar
    • drums
  32. What part do Bass, piano/guitar, and drums play in rhythm section
    • Bass: rhythm/ Harmony (foundation for groove)
    • Pianso/Guitar(melody): harmony
    • Drums: rhythm
  33. 12 Bar Blues
    • 3 sections
    • 2 lines same
    • 3rd line different
  34. AABA Form
    American Song Form
  35. Dates:
    Precursors of Jazz
    Late 1800's-Early 1900's
  36. Dates:
    Trun of the Century NO
  37. Dates:
    Early Jazz
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