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  1. What are the levels of nurse managers?
    • 1.First line manager
    • Team leader
    • Case Manager
    • Charge Nurse

    • 2.Middle manager
    • Unit manager
    • supervisor

    • 3.Nurse exective
    • Director of nursing (DON)
    • Vice President for nursing
    • Nursing CEO
  2. What is the chain of command?
    The line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed within the nursing department, the hospital, and between different units.
  3. What are the 4 steps in the chain of command?
    • 1. talk to charge nurse or team leader
    • 2. talk to unit or department Director of Nursing (DON)
    • 3. chief nursing officer (CNO)
    • 4. Document (show your steps you took and that you tried)
  4. What is the goal of nursing service?
    To provide high quality nursing care in a cost effective manner.
  5. List the 3 types of health care organizations and what they are?
    • 1. For-Profit-the hospital makes a profit
    • 2. Not-for-profit-hospital may make a profit and the profit is often returned to the institution to maintain
    • 3. Nonprofit-hospital does not make a profit and may be supported by charitable donations or taxes.
  6. What are the policies?
    Rules and detailed description. ie staffing patterns, attendance, sick leave, chemical dependency, incident reports, and floating to other units.
  7. What are procedures?
    Detailed description of a specific method. ie medication administration, insertion of urinary catheters
  8. What are protocols?
    Guidelines for nursing care for clients with specific conditions. ie alcohol withdrawal, cardiac catherization, fall risk, restraints, surgical client management, and chest pain.
  9. What are The Joint Commission: 2011 Hospitals National Patient Safety Goals?
    • 1.Identify patients correctly
    • 2.Improve staff commuincation
    • 3.Use medicines safely
    • 4.Prevent infection
    • 5.Check patient medicines
    • 6.Identify patient safety risks
  10. What is a transactional leadership role?
    Motivates others through a cost benefit, economic exchange. Imposes rules and monitors behaviors. More authorative and not letting people making their own choice.
  11. What is a tranformational leadership role?
    Motivates others by inspiration. Shares a vision, empowers, delegates, builds consensus. More authoration meetings and delegates meetings and give opportunities.
  12. What are the 5 roles of nurse managers?
    • Managing-
    • 1.Quality-achieving excellence in the service rendered to every client
    • 2.Budgets-cost containment is a major goal in health care
    • 3.Personnel-coach, counsel, monitor staff develpoment, education, provide staff evaluations.
    • 4.Communication-communicate goals, delegate responsibilities and authority, coach, inspire others, and empower.
    • 5.Conflict-conflict resolution
  13. What are the 6 strategies of conflict resolutions?
    • 1.Agree on a common goal
    • 2.Change pronouns to "we"
    • 3.Listen actively
    • 4.Postion equally-sitting or standing
    • 5.Set ground rules for the discussion
    • 6.Limit the number of people in the room
  14. What does the "YOU" message represent?
    • -Places blame
    • -Tells listener about her/himself
    • -Attacks
  15. What does the "I" message represent?
    • -Talks about the speaker
    • -Does not attack
    • -Makes the speaker right
    • -Take owernship
    • -Set limits & bounadries
    • -Share respects & responsibilities
  16. What does the written chart include?
    • -admit note
    • -change-of-shift note
    • -assessment findings
    • -interval notes
    • -discharge note
    • -psychosocial status
    • -ADL's
    • -spiritual care
    • -safety concerns
  17. What are the 3 key factors that must be covered in the change-of-shift report?
    • 1.Allergies
    • 2.Code Status (Full code/DNR)
    • 3.Medical team members
  18. What is S.B.A.R?
    • Situation
    • Background
    • Assessment
    • Reccommendation
  19. What is delegation and what task can be delegated?
    • Delegation is communication that can be transactional or transformations.
    • Delegate vitals, bed baths, and I's & O's
  20. What should the nurse know about each employees capabilities before delegating?
    • 1.identify task
    • 2.analyze the skill and knowledge needed to accomplish the task
    • 3.assign the task
    • 4.periodically evaluate the delegation task
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