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  1. What is a therapeutic relationship?
    • 1.personal
    • 2.client focused
    • 3. aimed mutually at determining goals
  2. What are the communication goals?
    • 1.To get to know the patient
    • 2.Build a relationship of trust
    • 3.provide information and instruction.
  3. Decsribe Hildegard Peplau theory?
    • 6 roles of nurses in therapeutic relationships:
    • The stranger
    • The resource
    • The teacher
    • The leader
    • The surrgoate
    • The counselor
  4. Describe Joyce Travelbee theory?
    Human to Human relationship. A positive nurse-patient relationship can bring a favorable patient outcome.
  5. Describe Imogene King theory?
    Goal attainment theory. The nurse uses knowledge of communication to observe client behavior and accurately interpret the meaning of the behavior.
  6. What are the 3 elements of a therapeutic relationship?
    The nurse, the client, the communication between the two
  7. 6 Elements of the communication process?
    • 1.Encoder(sender)
    • 2.Message
    • 3.Sensory channel
    • 4.Decoder(receiver)
    • 5.Context
    • 6.Feedback
  8. What are the 2 types of communication?
    verbal-the use of words to convey messages

    non verbal-set of behaviors that conveys messages either without words or by supplementing verbal communication
  9. What % of communication is nonverbal?
    UCLA indicated 93% of communication is nonverbal
  10. What are nonverbal communication?
    • Body language
    • -personal apperance
    • -facial expressioin
    • -body posture
    • -gestures
    • -personal distance
    • -touching
  11. What are the personal distance spaces?
    • intimate space-taking vs
    • personal space-arms length
    • social space-talking to friends 3-6 ft
    • public space-standing in line at ATM 5-6ft
  12. What are some tips for communicating to children?
    • -apporach at eye level
    • -allow them to handle equipment
    • -use short sentences
    • -have parent or guardian if under 10 present
    • -use a calm voice
    • simple explanations and use lots of demonstrations
  13. What are tips for communicating to elders?
    • -assess for hearing deficits
    • -assess for visual deficits
    • -allow them to answer on question before asking another
    • -clarify and get feedback
    • -give time for elders to respond
  14. What are the 3 phases of the therapeutic relationship?
    • 1. orientation phase-initial conversation
    • -establish trust
    • 2.Working phase-
    • -nursing diagnoses
    • -evaluate
    • -implementing
    • 3.Terminiation phase-ending the relationship
    • -may occur at the end of the day
  15. How does the RN establish trust? The 4 B's.
    • Be respectful
    • Be nonintrusive
    • Be considerate
    • Be aware of feelings
  16. What is active listening?
    Attentive listening followed by reinstating the others position.
  17. What are 3 elements necessary for healthy work environments?
    • -effective communication
    • -collaborative relationships
    • -promotion of nurses decision making
  18. What is regarded as the best way to resolve conflict because it reduces competition and avoidance without excessice accommodation or collaboration.
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