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  1. syntactic categories/grammatical categories/parts of speech
    relatively small number of syntactically relevant categories in which subsets of words are organized
  2. anti-universality
    linguistic notions (categories, relations, and constructions) are not universal
  3. open categories
    new members constantly added
  4. closed categories
    membership is more or less fixed
  5. determiners
    provide information about definiteness and specficity
  6. degree words
    express gradation (e.g. too, quite, more, very, etc.)
  7. auxiliary verbs
    have minimal semantic content but fulfill important grammatical functions, e.g. express contrasts involving tense (past, present, future), aspect (completed, ongoing), and modality (possiblity, probability, obligation)
  8. grammatical auxiliaries
    carry information about tense and aspect (e.g. do, be, and have)
  9. modal auxiliaries
    denote notions relating to possibility, probability, permission, obligation, etc.
  10. distributional properties
    reflect type of elements with which word can occur
  11. noun
    • co-occurence with determiners
    • individuals and objects (entities)
  12. verb
    • co-occurence with markers of tense (past, non-past, future) and aspect (completed, ongoing, repetitive, etc.)
    • actions and processes (events)
  13. adjective
    • co-occurence with degree words
    • properties (attributes)
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