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  1. agranulocytosis
    Severe neutropenia, with less than 200 cells/f<>
  2. allogeneic transplantation allograft
    Stem cells from a sibling or unrelated donor with matching human leukocyte antigens (HLA). Skin graft.
  3. autologous transplantation
    Transplant of the patient�s own stem cells.
  4. cheilosis
    Small fissures at the corners of the mouth.
  5. erythromelalgia
    A burning sensation in the digits of the extremities.
  6. Heinz bodies
    Degraded hemoglobin
  7. hemarthrosis
    Untreated bleeding into the joint
  8. hematopoiesis
    The ability to maintain the body�s blood supply and its components.
  9. hemoglobinuria
    Hemoglobin in the urine
  10. hemolysis
    Destruction of red blood cells
  11. leukopenia
    A decrease in the total circulating white blood cells.
  12. lymphadenopathy
    Painless lymph node enlargements from obstruction and pressure
  13. neutropenia
    A decreased number of circulating neutrophils, usually less than 1,500 cells/f
  14. petechiae
    Small, pinpoint hemorrhages
  15. pica
    Craving for substances other than food, such as dirt, clay, starch, or ice cubes.
  16. plasmapheresis (plasma exchange)
    Plasma is removed from the patient and replaced with the fresh frozen plasma.
  17. schistocytes
    Fragmented red blood cells
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