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  1. aneurysm
    A permanent bulging and stretching of an artery, in which the dilation is two times or greater the size of the artery
  2. anticoagulants
    Pharmaceuticals that prevent further clot formation in the body.
  3. aphonia
    Loss of voice.
  4. arteriosclerosis
    Hardening of the arteries and defined as a thickening and solidifying of the endothelial lining of the walls in small arteries and arterioles
  5. bruit
    An adventitious sound of venous or arterial origin heard during auscultation.
  6. Buerger´┐Żs disease
    An occlusive disease mostly located in small to medium-sized arteries and occasionally in veins. Though commonly found in the upper and lower distal extremities, it is associated with clot formation and fibrosis of the vessel wall In prolonged cases, large extremities vessels may be affected.
  7. debridement
    A mechanical method of eliminating necrotic tissue.
  8. Homans' sign
    Dorsiflexing the foot, causing pain in the calf.
  9. hyperlipidemia
    Elevated blood cholesterol levels
  10. Raynaud's disease
    Venous disease caused by unilateral vasospasm of the upper and lower extremities Bilateral vasospasm is identified as Raynaud's disease, usually occurs in the age group over 30 and is equally distributed between genders.
  11. subclavian steal syndrome
    Occurs when the subclavian artery is occluded, and blood flow is diminished or obstructed to the upper extremities.
  12. thrombophlebitis
    The inflammation of a vein accompanied by the formation of thrombus (blood clot), which can be dislodged and lead to pulmonary emboli. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a term often used for this venous complication, which most commonly occurs in the deep veins of the lower extremities
  13. varicose veins
    Tortuous varicosities, in which the veins are dilated and lack surrounding muscle support
  14. venous stasis ulcers
    Erosions of the skin because of lack of blood flow to the extremity, which leads to skin necrosis, open wounds, and black, hardened skin known as eschar.
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