Law Chapter 3

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  1. Prescriptive authority
    • up to the states
    • MD, DO, DVM, Dentist, podiatrist, APN and PAC can prescribe
  2. Prescribing to self
    prescribers can prescribe non-controlled subsances for themselves and family members
  3. Three methods of switching Rx to OTC
    • SNDA
    • petition
    • adding or amending OTC drug monograph (affects all drugs in the class)
  4. Emergency contraception
    must be 17 and older
  5. Products contain same active ingredients and are identical in strength and dosage form
    pharmaceutical equivalents
  6. Bioequivalent pharmaceutical equivalents
    presumed to be therapeutically equivalent
  7. NTI drugs
    • narrow therapeutic index
    • less than 2 fold difference between median lethal dose and median effective dose or min toxic and min effective dose
  8. Poison prevention packaging act
    • protect children from accidental poisoning
    • administered by consumer product safety commission
    • standards for child resistant containers
  9. Exemptions to poison prevention pkg act
    • pharmacies
    • mfgs
    • commonly dispensed drugs
    • prescriber requests
    • patient requests
    • institutionalized pt
    • certain emergency drugs
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