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  1. connects base to head-
  2. supports the microscope-
  3. used for initial focusing; moves stage up & down-
    coarse adjustment knob
  4. takes light coming from substage light & concentrates light on specimen-
  5. used for precise focusing & focusing at higher magnification; moves stageup & down slightly-
    fine adjustment knob
  6. supports ocular & objective lenses-
  7. regulates light coming through the condenser-
    iris diaphragm
  8. regulates how bright substage light is-
    light control or rheostat
  9. holds slide in place; allows for precise movement of specimen-
    mechanical stage
  10. how to move mechanical stage-
    mechanical stage control
  11. magnify the specimen; each lens has a different magnification-
    objective lense
  12. look through to make observation; has magnification of 10x-
    ocular lens
  13. carries objective lense; rotates to change objective lense-
    rotating nosepiece
  14. supports the slide-
  15. provides light source-
    substage light
  16. any speciment being viewed is equal to the power of the ocular lense x the power of the objective-
    total magnification
  17. the slide should be in focus at the higher magnifications once you have properly focused in lower magnification-
  18. the ability to discriminate 2 close objects as seperate-
  19. layer that focuses first-
    bottom or inferior layer
  20. layer that focuses last-
    top or superior layer
  21. formula for calculation FOV-
    • FOV (low) x total mag (low) = FOV (high) x total mag (high)
    • ex: 2mm x 100x = Y x 400x
  22. formula for size of objects-
    FOV / # of objects
  23. procedure for preparation of a wet mount-
    • a)object is placed in a drop of water (or saline) on a clean slide
    • b)coverslip is held at 45 degree angle with forceps
    • c)lowered over water & the object
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