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  1. Muscular system
    Makes movement possible.
  2. Skeletal system
    Provides protection, form, and shape for the body; stores minerals and forms some blood cells.
  3. Cardiovascular system
    Delivers oxygen, nutrients, and vital substances throughout the body; transports cellular waste products to the lungs and kidneys for excretion.
  4. Lymphatic system
    Helps maintain the internal fluid environment; produces some types of blood cells; regulates immunity.
  5. Respiratory system
    Brings oxygen into the body and removes carbon dioxide and some water waste.
  6. Digestive system
    Provides the body with water, nutrients, and minerals; removes solid wastes
  7. Urinary System
    Filters blood to remove wastes of cellular metabolism; maintains the electrolyte and fluid balance
  8. Reproductive system
    Facilitates procreation (producing offspring).
  9. Integumentary system
    Provides external covering for protection; regulates the body temperature and water content.
  10. Nervous system
    Coordinates the reception of stimuli; transmits messages to stimulate movement.
  11. Endocrine system
    Secretes hormones and helps regulate body activities.
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