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  1. anter/o
    anterior *** meaning: nearer to the front; ventral
  2. poster/o
    posterior *** meaning: nearer to or toward the back; dorsal; situated behind
  3. ventr/o
    ventral *** meaning: belly side; same as anterior surface in humans
  4. dors/o
    dorsal *** meaning: directed toward or situated on the back side; same as posterior surface in humans
  5. medi/o
    medial, median *** meaning: middle or nearer the middloe; the prefix mid- also means middle
  6. later/o
    lateral *** meaning: toward the side; denoting a position farther from the midline of the body or from a structure
  7. super/o
    superior *** meaning: uppermost or above
  8. infer/o
    inferior *** meaning: lowermost or below
  9. proxim/o
    proximal *** meaning: nearer the origin or point of attachment
  10. dist/o
    distal *** meaning: far or distant from the origin or point of attachment
  11. cephal/o
    cephalad *** meaning: toward the head
  12. caud/o
    caudad *** meaning: toward the tail or in an inferior direction in humans
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