9/20 Biological Membrane

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  1. Membrane Lipids

    Bilipid Structure
    The two componets that make up the the membrane structure in a cell
  2. Thermodynamics
    Passive diffusion
    Facilitated transport
    Facilitated diffusion
    Active transport
    Equilibrium Modification
    Molecular “Trapping”
    Types of Membrane Transport


  3. Active

    What are the 2 types of faciliated diffusion
  4. lipids
    Bioloical Membranes are what in nature?
  5. Proteins

    Membranes can also contain what 2 other componets?
  6. Long Polar Head

    Long Nonpolar Tails
    What are the 2 main compnets of membrane lipids?
  7. amphipathic
    polar-nonpolar duality found in membrane lipids is referred to as
  8. form biological membranes
    What's the importance of amphipathic structure in membrane lipids
  9. a fatty acid
    What is the slimplest form of a lipid called
  10. Carboxylic acid

    Long non-polar tail
    What are the 2 compnets of a fatty acid?

  11. Complex lipid structures

    they are the building blocks
    Fatty acids are most commonly found in what type of structures
  12. -Glycerophospholipids


    The 3 main lipid componets that form cell membranes?

  13. Glycerophospholipids are the most abundant

    40 to 60%
    Which lipid componet is the most abundant in cell membranes?
  14. Glycerol backbone

    Long chain fatty acid esters

    A phosphate head group
    3 Main Compnets of Glycerophospholipids?

  15. phosphatidic acid
    What is the most basic Glycerophospholipids called?
  16. Being both


    Raning in C length from 12 to 18
    What makes fatty acids diverse?

  17. Esteration of an alcohol group to the phosphate groupe
    How are some Glycerophospholidpids formed?
  18. Phosphatidylethanolamine
    Phosphatidylcholine (Lecithin)
    Glycerophospholipids formed be esterifcation?
  19. Tricylglycerol
    Which lipid componet is not a significant componet of cell membranes?
  20. Has glycerol backbone

    3 fatty acids

    no phosphate head
    Structure of Tricylglycerol
  21. Triclygerol
    a varitaion of glycerophospholipid
  22. Energy reservior for the cell
    Primary function of triclygerol
  23. Triclygerol
    Which is the most abudandant class of lipid componets?
  24. on the amino acid sphingosine rather than glycerol
    Sphinolipids are built on what?
  25. 10-20mmol%
    Sphingolipids account for how much of biological membranes
  26. A specific class of Sphingolipids

    formed by linking a fatty acid to the amine group of sphingosine
  27. formed by linking a fatty acid to the amine group of sphingosine
  28. a type of Ceremide

    Very common in myelin sheath

    insulates nerve cells
  29. In Brain Cells

    Nerve Cell Membranes
    Cerebrosides and Gangliosides

    Where are these commonly found at?
  30. Cerebrosides and Gangliosides
    By added a saccaride group creates what two special types of Sphingolipids?
  31. Cholesterol
    What is the most important lipid componet in biological membranes?
  32. 30 to 40mmo%
    Cholesterol accounts for how much of biological membranes?
  33. Cholesterol
    What is the most abundant steroid in animals
  34. Makes memebranes more rigid

    BC of it's very bulky rigid structure
    What does Cholesterol do to membranes

    why is this
  35. Water
    The polar heads on bio membranes tend to associate with
  36. Non- Covalently
    What do amphipathhic molecules tend to associate how to one another
  37. to escape the aquesous environment
    The non-polar tails tend to associate with one another because
  38. important for membrane formation
    Amphipathic nature of membranes lipids is important because
  39. small artifical vesticles sometimes used to food delivery
  40. membrane which forms around a vesicle
    Lipid Bilayer
  41. micelles
    Conical lipids tend to form
  42. Vesicles
    Cylindrical lipids tend to form
  43. Shape of the lipid
    Lipids form into different structures based on what?
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