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  1. Bermudagrass
    Cynodon dactylon

    • Folded vernation
    • 1-3 mm long Fringe of hairs on ligule
    • Collar is Narrow and continuous with hairs
    • leaf blade is 1.5-4 mm
    • Growth through Rhizomes and Stolons
    • Seedhead has 3-5 racemes on one whorl
  2. St. Augustinegrass
    Stenotaphrum secundatum

    • Folded Vernation
    • Fringe of hair on ligule
    • Constricted collar (smallest)
    • blunt/rounded tip with constricted base
    • Creeping stolons w/swollen nodes
    • Modified boat shaped leaf tip
  3. Bahiagrass
    Paspalum notatum

    • Rolled venation but can have both
    • short membranous ligule
    • Medium to long hairs on collar
    • broad leaf compressed sheath w/sparse hairs
  4. Seashore Paspalum
    Paspalum vaginatum

    • Folded vernation
    • Membranous w/fine hairs from upper edge
    • Hairs at collar
    • Broad w/compressed sheath (sim. to Bahiagrass but narrower)
    • Stolens and Rhizomes
    • Texture varies from coarse to very fine
  5. Centipedegrass
    Eremochloa ophiuroides

    • Folded vernation
    • membranous with hairs
    • Constricted collar with hairs
    • 3-5mm pointed leaf tip
    • Creeping stolons
    • Collar is sim. to St. Augustine but with hairs
  6. Zoysiagrass
    Zoysia japonica

    • Rolled Vernation
    • Fringe of hairs on ligule
    • Broad and continuous collar with hairs
    • Stiff and fine hairs on leaf blade
    • Stolons and short rhizomes
    • Hairs at margin of leaf near the tip
  7. Carpetgrass
    Axonopus compressus

    • Folded vernation
    • fringe of hairs ligule
    • Hairy at edges
    • Broad w/compressed sheath, many short hairs
    • Stolons, nodes may be covered with short hairs
  8. Dichondra
    Dichondra Spp

    • Rolled Vernation
    • Kidney shaped leaves
    • Stolons
    • Can be damaged by broad leaf sprays
  9. Kikuyugrass
    Pennnisetum clandestinum

    • Folded vernation
    • Fringe of Hairs
    • Longer hairs, sheath covered w/fine hairs
    • Short hairs on leaf blade
    • Rhizomes and stolons
    • Seedhead is a short curved spike
  10. Buffalograss
    Buchloe dactyloides

    • Rolled Vernation
    • Fringe of hairs on Ligule
    • Broad and continuous collar
    • Light green to gray green color w/sm hairs
    • Thick creeping stolons
    • Leaves can take on curled and twisted appearance
  11. Kentucky Bluegrass
    Poa pratensis

    • Folded Vernation
    • NO visable ligule
    • boat shape tip w/lines down midrib
    • Rhizomes
    • Translucent lines parallel to and on each side of midrib
  12. Rough Bluegrass
    Poa Trivialis

    • Folded Vernation
    • Long, Membranous ligule
    • Boat shaped tip
    • Stolons
    • often many seedheads at low mowing growth
  13. Annual Bluegrass
    Poa Annua

    • Folded Vernation
    • Long, membranous ligule
    • Boat Shaped tip
    • Bunch type growth
  14. Perennial Ryegrass
    Lolium perenne

    • Folded Vernation
    • Short, membranous ligule
    • Small Clawlike
    • Pointed leaf tip w/shiney backside to blade
    • Bunch type
    • Looks sim. to Poa pratensis, but with pointed leaf
  15. Annual Ryegrass
    Lolium multiflorum

    • Rolled Vernation
    • Short, membranous ligule
    • Claw-like auricle
    • Bunch type growth
    • Prominent veins on the upper side of hte leaf
  16. Creeping Bentgrass
    Agrostis stolonifera

    • Rolled Vernation
    • Membranous ligule
    • Pointed leaf type
    • Stolons
    • Forms roots at nodes of the stolon
  17. Colonial Bentgrass
    Agrostis capillaris

    • Rolled Vernation
    • Membreanous ligule
    • Pointed leaf tip
    • Presence of rhizomes in addition to stolons
    • Ligule is broader and shorter than creeping bentgrass
  18. Tall Fescue
    Festuca arundinacea

    • Rolled vernation
    • Short, membranous ligule
    • Short, rounded auricles
    • Pointed leaf tip
    • NO midrib
    • Bunch type growth
    • Coarse texture with prominent veins on upper side
  19. Fine Fescue
    Festuca Spp

    • Folded Vernation
    • Very small membranous ligule
    • Absence of auricle
    • Very narrow, pointed leaf tip
    • Bunch type growth
    • Leaves may have bristlelike wiry appearance
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