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  1. Intrigue
    Who is this guy? What's he think about me? Does he like me? Why isn't he trying to impress me like all the other guys?
  2. Comfort
    He likes me for me. I'm safe with him. I can relax with this guy - he won't try to pressure me into having sex.
  3. Arousal
    He seems passionate; I wonder what he's like in bed. I want to experience his giving nature sexually. I can see he's turned on by me - I feel sexy around him.
  4. Devotion
    I'm better off with him. He can help me be who I want to be. He is going places and I want to come with him. He needs me - I can help him too.
  5. Emotional Rapport
    Comfort and Devotion
  6. Excitement
    Arousal and Intrique
  7. Compliance
    Devotion and Intrique
  8. Sexual Rapport
    Comfort and Arousal
  9. Idealists
    Need "Excitement" and respond best to Arousal and Intrique
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