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  1. key signature
    sharps or flats at the beginning of each staff to indicate which pitches are to be raised or lowered from their natural state during the piece
  2. largo
    very slow and broad
  3. leading tone
    seventh degree of the diatonic scale, when it is onaly a half-step below the toniv, gives the feeling of wanting to move up the tonic
  4. ledger lines
    lines written above or below the staff representing a continuation of the staff, used to indicate pitch above or below staff
  5. leggiero
  6. lunga
    a long pause tha is determined by performer or director
  7. major scale
    diatonic scale where half-steps fall between the third and fourth, and the seventh and octave
  8. marcato
    marked, stressed
  9. meter
    indicated by a time signature, can be simple or compound
  10. mezzo piano
    medium soft
  11. misterioso
    play or sing in a mysterious manner
  12. motif
    short musical idea or melodic theme, usually shorter than a musical phrase
  13. natural
    note that is not affected by either a sharp or flat, a natural sign cancels a previous sharp or flat
  14. niente
    dying away to nothing
  15. octave
    interval eight diatonic degrees a pitch. two notes an octave apart have te same letter namem and form the most constant interval ever
  16. oratorio
    large scale musical compositition on a sacred subject
  17. pesante
    heavy, ponderous
  18. perdendosi
    gradually dying away, slower and softer
  19. phrase
    single musical idea or element which is ofte defined by a repeated rhythmic pattern or a melodic contour
  20. portamento
    special manner of singing where the voice glides from one tone to the next through all the intermediate pitches
  21. prestissimo
    fast as possible
  22. presto
    very fast, faster than allegro
  23. primo
    first or upper part
  24. rallentando
    gradually slowing down
  25. rubato
    making the established pulse flexible by acceleration and slowing down the tempo, an expressive device
  26. sempre
  27. senza
  28. sequence
    repitition of a phrase at different pitch levels using the same or similar intervals
  29. sforzando
    strongly accented, forced
  30. simile
    continue to perform in similar manner
  31. sotto voce
    softly, with subdued voice; performed in undertone
  32. staccato
    detached, crisply played
  33. stringendo
    pressing forward, becoming faster and usually louder, in a hurrying manner
  34. strophic
    describes a song where the stanzas are all sung to the same music
  35. subito
    suddenly, quickly
  36. tacet
    indicates that a particular voice or instrument is silent for an extended passage or movement
  37. tenuto
    fully sustained, occasionally a bit longer than the note valuse requires
  38. tessitura
    most widely used range of pitches in a piece of music
  39. tonic
    the key center, foundation of a scale or melody
  40. vivace
    lively, briskly
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