Chapter 4 Pre Test

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  1. The colonial elites
    believed American style and culture was a poor imitation of superior British models
  2. British trade policy from 1651 to 1733
    stimulated the New England shipbuilding industry
  3. Which of the following was not a way colonists sought to adopt genteel manners?
    producing books and magazines
  4. In New England, approximately what percentage of women could read and write?
    45 percent
  5. The Glorious Revolution
    led to a period in which Parliament allowed the colonies substantial control over their own affairs
  6. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding political develpments during the eighteenth century?
    In America, about 90 percent of white men were eligible to vote
  7. From the mid seventeenth century to the mid eighteenth century, the most direct political confrontations between England and the American colonies occurred over
    the role of colonial governors
  8. In the eighteenth century, Spain's empire was
    becoming weaker
  9. The chapel San Antonio de Velaro
    became famous as the Alamo
  10. Spain expanded into Texas and California
    to create a buffer zone around existing colonies
  11. "Real Whig" ideology
    stressed the dangers of a standing army and a powerful state to personal liberty
  12. In the Grant Settlement of 1701, the Iroquois pledged neutrality with respect to England and
  13. The Albany Plan of Union
    was rejected by the colonists who were suspicious of other colonies
  14. In the French and Indian War, France was weakened
    by the loss of its Indian allies
  15. In the early eighteenth century Spain
    had an empire based on expansive terriotorial claims with a small population
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