GRE Vocab 2

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  1. Abate (v)
    to lessen in intensity or degree
  2. Accolade (n)
    an expression of praise
  3. Adulation (n)
    excessive praise; intense adoration
  4. Aesthetic (adj)
    dealing with, appreciative of , or responsive to art of the beautiful
  5. Ameliorate (v)
    to make better or more tolerable
  6. Ascetic (n)
    one who practices rigid self-denial, esp. as an act of relgious devotion
  7. Avarice (n)
    greed, esp. for weath
  8. Axiom (n)
    a universally recognized principle
  9. Burgeon (v)
    to grow rapidly or flourish
  10. Bucolic (adj)
    rustic and pastoral; characeristic of rural areas and their inhabitants
  11. Cacophony (n)
    harsh, jarring, discordant sound;dissonance
  12. Canon (n)
    an established set of priniciples or code of laws, often religious in nature
  13. Castigation (n)
    severe criticism or punishment
  14. Catalyst (n)
    a substance that accelerates the rate of a chemical reaction without itself changing; a person or thing that causes change
  15. Caustic (adj)
    burning or stinging; causing corrosion
  16. Chary (adj)
    wary; cautious; sparing
  17. Cogent (adj)
    appealing forcibly to the mind or reason; convincing
  18. Complaisance (n)
    the willingness to comply with the wishes of others
  19. Contentious (adj)
    argumentative; quarrelsome; causing controversy or disagreement
  20. Contrite (adj)
    regretful; penitent; seeking forgiveness
  21. Culpable (adj)
    deserving blame
  22. Dearth (n)
    smallness of quantity or number; scarcity; a lack
  23. Demur (v)
    to question or oppose
  24. Didactic (adj)
    intended to teach or instruct
  25. Discretion (n)
    cautious reserve in speech; ability to make responsible decisions
  26. Disinterested (adj)
    free of bias or self-interest; impartial
  27. Dogmatic (adj)
    expressing a rigid opinion based on unproved or improvable principles
  28. Ebullience (n)
    the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts and feelings
  29. Eclectic (adj)
    composed of elements drawn from various sources
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