POP QUIZ pt1!!

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  1. Define the Hindbrain location and functions
    Rear base of skull; sustain basic life functions
  2. Define the Midbrain locations and functions
    Inside the brainstem, b/w the hindbrain and fore brain; send coordinate messages
  3. Define the Brainstem (oldest/innermost region) location and functions
    Where the spinal cord swells slightly after entering the skull; automatic survival functions
  4. Reticular formation (related to the midbrain)
    Extend from spinal cord right up to the thalamus-directs messages to the sensory receiving areas-replies to the cerebullum and medulla
  5. Define Forebrain ("new brain") locations and functions
    Central core; memory/emotion
  6. Define the Limbic System structures and functions
    Two halves of one brain; memories
  7. Define the Cerebral Cortex location and functions
    Covering the right/left hemispheres; ultimate control/info processing center

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POP QUIZ pt1!!
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