Meg - relegion

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  1. Who did Jesus invite to live for the reign of God?
  2. What did Jesus do to others?
    He healed and forgave
  3. What does Jesus ask us to do?
    He asked us to serve people in need.
  4. Who did Jesus pay the most attention to?
    people society ignores
  5. What were people surprised at?
    Jesus healed the servant of the enemy.
  6. What must we try?
    To live the Law of Love by living justly and peacefully with others.
  7. What did Jesus show by healing the Roman officer's servant?
    Jesus showed that all people are welcome in the reign of God.
  8. What is the story of the Roman officer?
    A Roman officer walked up to Jesus, "Please heal my servant," he said. Jesus answered, "Yes" the officer surprised, said, "Oh, No, I am not worthy. Just say the word and he shall be healed."
  9. What is the Kingdom of Heaven?
    It is another way of saying Kingdom of God.
  10. What does forgiveness heal?
    the separation from God and from others that sin causes.
  11. What was more important than physical healing to Jesus?
    forgiveness of sin
  12. What did Jesus say to the ones who crucified him?
    Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.
  13. What do we try to do?
    We try to forgive those who hurt us
  14. What did Jesus come to do?
    He came to serve and not to be served
  15. What does Jesus do to show himself to be the servant of all?
    He washes the disciples feet
  16. What does reconciliation mean?
    to have your sins forgiven
  17. Who did Jesus welcome into the Kingdom of God?
  18. Can you be a spiritual healer?
    Yes! by forgiving others
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